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Neil Brannigan Tyrrell

With his authentic, emotionally-charged style of Adult-Contemporary music, singer/songwriter Neil Brannigan Tyrrell has been able to genuinely connect to listeners and fans spread-out throughout the globe. Gifted with an extraordinary ability to communicate his inner-most, complex thoughts through his music – Neil has left a bold impression on fans & critics alike on his way to a career he’s carved out entirely on his own.

Originally from London, England, Neil moved to Dublin early on and has called it home for most of his life.  In 2010 he made a life-changing decision to move to South Africa where he would eventually go on to record his critically-acclaimed debut album, ‘Sun Of The Raven’.  With multiple media-outlets and online music hotspots taking notice of Neil’s sincere lyricism and professional approach – songs from ‘Sun Of The Raven’ found their way to international radio-play, and Neil himself would go on to do interviews in various reputable music-magazines and have his music featured worldwide.  Consistently reaching the top of the charts with memorable material that highlight Neil’s relatable lyrics and songs which genuinely reach the mind, body and soul – ‘Sun Of The Raven’ outperformed and exceeded all expectations, securing a supportive and rapidly expanding fan-base.

Inspired by the love and support for the music on his first record, Neil decided to head back to London in 2015 to push his career even further and continue to bring his visions to musical-fruition.  Writing and refining his second album, ‘One Planet, 7.4 Billion Worlds’, containing stunning new melodies and pouring every ounce of himself in each moment of the music – Neil Brannigan Tyrrell broke through to an entire new level of creative heights.

With his songs fully-written and ready-to-go, it was time for Neil to once again return to the place he’d called home during the recording of his debut album.  Back in South Africa – Neil was back in the booth at OneBigRoomStudios recording and co-producing his follow-up album which was released in mid-2016. In this time Neil also worked on-set filming several music videos.  Handling the vocals, guitar, writing and composition on his own once more, recording with a host of amazing musicians – his charisma and charm shine brightly in his signature-style of communicating his most heartfelt emotions and thoughts through the lyrics while the music has warm, invitational tones that pull you in close to listen.

With stunning clarity, gorgeous rhythms and a relatable honesty in his thoughts and words – there is little to no doubt found in anyone within earshot of Neil’s new songs – he is absolutely at his best right now; and his new material has all the true-heart and sincerity you could ever hope to hear on a record.

A proven source for reliable song writing and captivating melodies, Neil Brannigan Tyrrell is pushing himself harder than ever before in an effort to make this year the most pivotal year in his career so far. 

With the undying support of his incredible fan-base and his stunning new set of songs – you can safely bet it’s going to be a year to remember.

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